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warm-heart salesman who's ambition to get the work done and create a proposed solution.

For the past seven years, I have a couple of health care and fitness places where I learned the sales business from the ground up. I learned how to listen to my clients, provide good service, and close the deal.

At one company, I made sure to stay in contact with my manager to meet my goals. At another company, I learned to identify my client needs and how to best treat them. In both places, I enjoyed working with the public and helping them become more fit and toned.

One big strength I have as a salesperson is my ability to listen. When I meet with someone, I respect their time and work for them. I work to understand their needs, and then make sure that what I propose is really what they want and need.

if I work at your company, I will bring a level of dedication and commitment that will help grow your business.

why did you get into to sales

customers would come up to me upset and tell me their problem. Just because I was listening and understand their issue they started to slowly trust me.

the customer would notice my positive attitude, they felt more comfortable talking to me. when I was able to come up with solutions, customers would show me an appreciation and thank me. The sale was a challenge but I got a lot of great things from it.

The challenge made me feel good inside as a person and more passion for my job. I work hard to get to my customer need and made good money from sales. I never want to lose this feeling and I'm ready for any challenge.

What did you learn from sales

Cold calling, learning how to come over objections and closing deals. it wasn't easy but I practiced, got better and learn how to be fearless. I learn to build better listening and communication skills By asking open and closed questions.

1 What
2 Why
3 Describe
4 Tell me more about
5 Explain
6 How

Where do I see my self in the future

In the future, I see my self as sales account executive and still learning about technology. My long term goal is to become an investor and to create ideas for technology.

Whats your work effort like

1 Ambition
2 Loyal
3 I make sure I get the job done
4 Dedication
5 Willing to push my self and grow

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October 16 to December 15, 2017

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Full Time Program

October 16 to December 15, 2017

Part Time Program

September 16 to December 16, 2017